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Saturday, January 05, 2008

PSP Firmware v3.80 and PS3 Firmware v2.10

- A little old this one, but from Joystiq:

"OK, Mr. Big Shot, so you already knew about the new, DivX-sporting PS3 firmware 2.1 going live today. But that's only because you read Joystiq. Never forget: We gave you that knowledge, and we can take it away. ... OK, so we can't do that. But we're working on it.

Perhaps a little more of a surprise for fans of Sony's small screen is the news that PSP firmware 3.80 has also appeared for you to download and enjoy. Most significant in this update is the new Internet Radio feature, which Sony says provides access to thousands of stations. The set-up instructions are pretty specific though, you can check them out after the jump."

Read - PSP Firmware 3.80 is live
Read - Firmware update (v2.10)

- Joystiq continues:

"DivX for the PS3 and internet radio for the PSP weren't the only treats buried in this morning's latest Sony firmware updates. Nope, they've got a little something special for those of you rocking both of Sony's latest consoles: PS1 games are now playable via Remote Play. What does that mean to you, Joe Gamer? You can download PS1 games on your PS3 through the PSN Store but, instead of swapping games on and off your no doubt ballooning Memory Stick, you can stream them straight from the PS3. You can also leave your favorite PS1 game in the drive and Remote Play that, if digitally distributed media ain't your thing.

Coupled with the PS3's recently acquired Remote Start capability and the PSP's internet-enabled Remote Play functionality, you can tap into that library of PS1 games at home from anywhere in the world. That's a pretty exciting feature ... but, there is one shortcoming: when's that library of PS1 games coming?"
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