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Monday, August 27, 2007

UK PSP Owners Finally Have Something to Smile About

- Sony have announced three new services for the PSP in the UK, with possible plans to expand out to other countries in the EU.
- Go! Messenger offers voice and video, (using the Go! Camera,) calls over Wi-Fi. Sony is working with telephone operator BT to roll out this service across Europe next January as part of a firmware update.
- Go! Explore turns the PSP into a portable GPS system. Slot a small peripheral into the mini-USB port on top of the system and you can plan routes and take 3D fly-throughs of them. A free service launching next February, though the GPS addon has yet to be priced.
- Finally, SKY are planning on offering downloadable movies, sports, TV shows and music available on either a pay-per-view basis or through subscriptions to particular channels. They also emphasised this is only for the PSP and no other platforms.

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