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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Undiluted Platinum - PSP Mod Chip

- ModChipStore.com have gotten their first shipment of Undiluted Platinum chips and they look very impressive, (hell they will allow you to run a bricked PSP again!)
- Costing $100, here are some of the features:

* Run your Homebrew Code in even the latest PSP's
* No need for Hacked Firmware anymore, Dual Flash boot will bust your PSP wide open with possibilities
* Play your Homebrew or Backup Games, Movies and Apps
* Ultra reliable and feature rich Actel ProASIC Plus FPGA
* Full Speed USB 1.1 ASIC onboard
* Branded 32MB NAND flash onboard (same flash as used in PSP)
* Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
* Installation verification using flashing software
* Ultra compact four layer PCB
* High quality Japanese connectors
* USB cable included
* FPC cable included, reducing installation effort and improving shock resistance
* Copper enamel wire included
* Open platform development system for software developers
* Installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP
* All PSP hardware versions/regions supported
* User updatable flash
* Low power consumption
* Flash select via button press
* Ultra compact PCB has been designed to avoid signal bounce

- Hold L button during power up to boot from PSP flash, or don't hold anything to boot from the U.P Flash.
- There is one version of the PSP hardware that currently is not supported by U.P, but these are only in the very newest units. To see if you have one of these "TA-082" motherboards, check this guide.
- Here are the install diagrams. It does not look too easy, but ModChipStore.com has an installation service for $99.
- Finally, there is the Epsilon BIOS. This is the firmware you will be flashing onto your U.P, (until more options start appearing since U.P is going ope source with everything!) and it has some tasty features:

* Ability to launch homebrew software from the memory stick
* Kernel mode access for software requiring this app
* Support for 1.0 and 1.5 EBOOTs
* Simple UMD ISO loading
* Their own compressed ISO format

- Here is a video of it in action, showing ISOs, homebrew and all kinds of fun stuff:

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