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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

FlashMod 2.0 Released

- Orbis PSP Development have announced the latest version of their PSP customization software, FlashMod v2.0.

"WARNING: If you used FlashMod 1.0 or 1.5 to change Backgrounds please Restore the Default Backgrounds with 2.0 and install your custom background again. This is due to the original writing to flash code when it couldn't find a file it would just write it as 0 bytes.

New Features:

.:UMD 2.00 or higher support:.
Not yet finished and requires a 2.00+ Firmware in the root of your Memory Stick in the folders "Flash0" and "Flash1". Right now the only fix i have is a untested SOCOM fix. It will also run your UMD's at 333Mhz for the CPU and 166Mhz for GPU. This will not write to your Firmware or UMD.

.:UMD Loading support:.
This will runs UMD's without 2.00 or higher support. It will also run your UMD's at 333Mhz for the CPU and 166Mhz for GPU. Which means Faster Loading time and smoother Gameplay.
.:Change XMB Menu Names:.
This will let you change your XMB Menu Names just follow these steps:

1. Extract the Utilities folder on to your Desktop.

2. Go into the Utilities folder and run "PSPMenuEdit.exe"

3. Now select you Language and click on the button [...] under [Edit topmenu_plugin.rco]

4. Now select [topmenu_plugin.rco] which should be located in the utilities folder.

5. Once you are done editing all your Menu Names just click [Patch File] and copy the [topmenu_plugin.rco] out of the utilities folder to the root of you Memory Stick.

6. Now go into FlashMod and select [Install Custom XMB Menu Names] and your done.
.:Even safer writing:.
Now will not write if it can't find the file and will display the [Flash Complete] Picture longer.

.:Version used Info:.
Now if you are unsure of what version you have used of FlashMod just go to your XMB (Cross Media Bars) and go to [Settings]-[System Settings]-[About PSP™] and after it shows the copyright information it should tell you "Firmware Flashed with: FlashMod Version 2.00"

.:New Graphical User Interface:.
Now with discriptions for all the features included on the GUI.

.:New Agreement:.
The new agreement is due to FlashMod being Open Source and Public Domain which could cause people to download a Version of FlashMod that might not be from Orbis PSP Development. So for yours protection I urge you not to download FlashMod if it does not say Orbis PSP Development. As for people that want to release their own version of FlashMod please tell me before releasing any unofficial versions.

I Agree by downloading FlashMod Version 2.0 that I relinquish Orbis PSP Development of any liabilities concerning the software effect on my PSP."
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