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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fanjita Owns v2.0+

- Fanjita is the man of the PSP hacking scene. Here are some of the things he's done recently:
- Releases 2.0 eLoader for v2.00, v2.01 and v2.50 PSPs.

"This is still beta quality, so it doesn't run reliably every time and doesn't run as many homebrew applications as the TIFF-based EBOOT Loader, but it still runs a lot of things."

- Has a v2.60 version coming soon

"Thanks to a brainwave from Ditlew, we've had a breakthrough finding the v2.6 firmware syscalls, and we think we have about 90% of them figured out.

So this means, basically, that a version of the eLoader that works on v2.6 is really not very far away now. Woohoo!"

- Put together a pack of save games to use with GTA to launch homebrew apps directly.
- Made a package developers who wish to code for v2.0+ firmwares with expanded source for GTA Tetris along with instructions and info on how to adapt it into other software.
- Thanks Fanjita!!

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