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Friday, November 04, 2005

GTA Update

- So GTA came out a few days ago, (sorry for this late post, still having connection issues,) and we got ourselves a copy on the day of release, (I tried to pick up a copy at midnight from Wal-Mart but they told me it would be on the morning shipment, so had to wait until later in the day.)
- It turns out this game came with the v2.0 update, which is not so bad since you can downgrade from it.
- Worse news is that the game actually does REQUIRE v2.0. You cannot fake your firmware version due to the game's use of some of it's features, which means ISOs of GTA cannot be booted either.
- PS2NFO says that The Hustle: Detroit Streets has the same problem.
- A patch has been released for the game by Rockstar allowing for custom soundtracks. The catch is that you have to rip tracks directly from a CD, (so you would have to burn MP3s first and re-rip them or at least fake an image of a music CD.)
- IGN has the files you need for that.
- If you want to use MP3s directly instead of ripping from a CD, PSP-Hacks were sent a nice method of doing so.
- PSPUpdates has you covered for cheats.
- GTA was delayed by a week from the original date of 28th October to 4th November, (today,) in the UK for unknown reasons.

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