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Friday, October 07, 2005

Remove Background Lines In PSP OS

- PSP-Hacks have put up news from Fluff (a.k.a. NaoNeo).
- He/she has shown a way to remove the wavy lines animating in the background of a PSP, so that you only see a picture:

"It's a lot of hype over a single byte change?, i can'’t beleive that crap, anyway if you feel like removing the wavey lines from your background, all you have to do is go open this file:


Go to offset 0x—00000646 and change the value from 35AF to 37AF, simple!, basically what it does is break the code for the actual lines, thus disabling them, but as with all firmware 'mods' i highly suggest you only do this using MPH'’s firmware loader or with Flash0 emulation enabled in umd emulator 0.8, Flashing edited files to your firmware can brick your psp, so do the sensible thing okay people? :)

Now why on earth, after telling canti exactly that, does he/she go around like it'’s some sort of special discovery?..

You can download the original video of the file modification in action right here.

Going into greater detail, thar be basically two versions :

Fluff'’s : Go to offset 0x—00000646 and change the value from 35AF to 37AF
pyro's : Go to offset 0x00001B74 and change the value from CCBC to 00BC

While the edits are indeed in difference places the overall results remains the same, you could do a simple byte edit in a thousand places of the file and it would break the lines just like the two above edits! how dull.

Enjoy either way ~"
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