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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quake 2 Being Ported

- Hurricane Wilma knocked me off the Internet for a day and a half right in the middle of a site update, so sorry about that. Let me just finish off what I was doing.
- McZonk, a member of Team Emergency Exit, is working on porting Quake 2 to the PSP. - Here is what he had to say:

"I'm working on a port of Id Software's Quake 2 for the PSP. It's far away from being finished, but the biggest part of the work is already done. The only thing is missing, is the graphics port. I hope I can release a first preview within the next two or three weeks which allows single player gaming. Not all graphic effects will work at this state. Sound and multi player will definitive come, but later. It's possible to start a game in single player mode at the moment, but you have no output, because I hade to rewrite the graphics port completly (I tried with pspgl, but there are to many problems with it). The 2d stuff is working (menus, console, etc) and I will try to render a 3d model preview in the player options menu next and play cinematics and demos. This will be a big step forward. I will post another news if something interessting happend."

- It must be Quake season! Quake 1 has already been ported, 2 is on the way, id released the source to 3 and 4 just hit store shelves for PC!

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