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Friday, October 21, 2005

Cracking v2.5

- Efforts to crack the v2.5 firmware continue. SonyXTeam have been taking a look at it and have issued the following warning to other would-be crackers out there:

"SonyxTeam News We want to warn any team creating version changer programs that the 2.50 index.dat encryption pattern has changed, therefor you have 100% chances of bricking your psps if you try to use it in your flash.
That’s also why we are not using it on our version changer.

The reasons why sony would do such a thing are

- To prevent people from creating version changers (they failed to do so, since we know how to create our own index.dat)

- To prevent people on 2.50 from downgrading using an earlier index.dat version

- Because they think we are dumbasses that would brick some of our psps in the process (that’s too bad since we didn’t brick any of our psps as we tested the 2.50 index.dat using BFM firmware loader).

Also Sony wouldn’t imagine us sniffing in their IPL and figuring out that the Version information is now located into the 2.50 IPL whitch means that the index.dat is now useless and has just the purpous to fool us (yeah $ony just failed mouhahaha, we are way smarter than they imagine, next time I do hope for their sake that they do better….)"
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