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Friday, September 16, 2005

Off Topic: Nintendo Revolution Controller Unveiled * Update*

- *Update* My faith seems to be rewarded. After finding a webcast from the Tokyo Game Show Keynote Speech from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, in which he reveals the controller to the world, I understand what the whole thing is about. If it is used as well as they hope, this will be an awesome controller.
- View the 50min stream of the recorded webcast here. If you want to skip all the stats at the begining, go to 28mins 45secs to see the controller stuff. It really is impressive. Just don't let us down now Nintendo!
- Quick notes: The console comes with the "Remote" and the "Analog Stick" controller parts as standard. Expansions will be made available to play older games (since Revolution will emulate all of Nintendo's back catalog from all consoles.) It was unclear whether you plug in older contorllers into this expansion, or if the expanisions are whole controllers themselves. *End Update*

- I know this is a PSP site, but I'm sure more than a few of you would be interested in the news that Nintendo have finally lifted the lid on the controller for the upcoming Revolution console.
- Gamespot have images hosted, the most interesting of which I think are these two:
- Clearly designed with left handers in mind.
- Making things a little more traditional.
- I'm fairly sure this is nothing like what people were expecting... so is it good? My first reaction is no, but there must be a good reason for it to have this design so I'll try and keep an open mind until I can try one out.
- It just seems odd that Nintendo say they are focused on gaming, but take inspiration from a TV remote.

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