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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Earn A Free XBox 360 For Launch Day

- The Gratis Network is a now famous chain of websites that offer free gifts when you sign up for offers listed on their website, then get other people to do the same.
- They have been proven by hundreds of users to send out all the products they offer and have now added the XBox 360 to their list.
- Since preorders have dried up in many places already, this may be one of the few ways left to get yourself a 360 on launch day.
- PSP-Files have set up an XBox 360 Conga Line to help people earn their 360 quicker.
- And don't forget our sucessful PSP Conga Line too!

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Blogger Heriberto Madrigal said...

Hey i can't Figure how to send my link to the conga line if you can help that would be great

14 August, 2005 23:06  
Blogger Ash said...

Send it to me at free360@psp-files.com once your account has gone green (been verified.) It'll get done. We are still working out a way to automate the process. Thanks for checking this out!

15 August, 2005 08:08  
Blogger Heriberto Madrigal said...

hey just wondering if you got my e-mail and about how many people are involved in this

15 August, 2005 15:17  
Blogger Ash said...

Yes, link received and your name added to the conga. You will be the next link to hit the top of the conga line once more people sign up!
Not sure what you mean about the number of people involved...

15 August, 2005 16:18  

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