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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Homebrew Software Updates

- A whole load of different homebrew software has been pouring onto the net for the past week or two, but I have mostly been ignoring it since almost all of it is early, limited, buggy releases. But, it is quite interesting to see what people are working on and what may be possible to do with the PSP with little more work. With that in mind, here is a short rundown of some of the stuff out there you may like to try or keep an eye on.
- ST-SOUND GPL YM Music Player by Jim. Plays all those old Atari ST and Spectrum 128 YM tunes.
- PspFileManager v1 by Cpasjuste. Manage all the files on your PSP without a PC.
- MikMod module player V3.0.3 also by Jim. Plays most MOD, XM, IT, S3M, STM, MTM, 669, FAR, DSM, MED, ULT and UNI tracker files.
- PSP Web Browser(using PVNC) by MikePiP. A web browser to run on your PC you can use with your PSP using PVNC, (that's a lot of P's!)
- pspWeather v1.0 by mcdongle. Connects to the internet via WiFi to give you your local weather report.
- vCard Reader by cwbowron. Lets you view the contents of a vCard, which is basically an electronic business card which you can export from your contacts list in programs like Microsoft Outlook.
- PSP Universal Remote by Melman101. Control Sony Wega TV's and switch slim PS2's on and off.
- AVI Play for PSP by Myungwoon. Plays 320x240 DivX video, but no sound yet.
- PSP Media Center v0.5b by John_K and adresd. Currently plays MP3, MOD, and OGG files.

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