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Friday, July 22, 2005

Emulator Updates

- NeoGeo CD emulator, NeoCD, is now at version v0.5u1 which adds memory card support.
- PSP Wiki has a compatibility list up, which PSP Updates translated into English as a GIF image.
- Meanwhile, PacManFan has been busy on his PSX emulator. He has posted some images of his software running Driver and Spiderman on the PS2Dev Forum along the following update:

"I meant to post that "Progress" message to this thread last night, looks like I missed. Well, anyways, for those who missed it, I managed to get some games (Driver, Dragon Ball Z Final Bout) to work with my emulator. I've got .BIN/CUE support working now. The Driver.Bin file was about 650MB, and the DBZ bin was about 150. My mem stick is only a 256 MB, so I had to test on my psp with DBZ.

Now that I've got .BIN support working nicely, I'm going to add compression through zlib so that the .bin files will be compressed to .gz files. After a few tests, It looks like most Bin's can be compressed by 50-65%. I'm going to work on a resource tool to remove/stub psx movies to help shrink things a bit. But for right now, I'm still working on my recompiler...

After replacing just a few file i/o routines with thier zlib equivalant, I now have .bin g'zipped files working. I compressed DBZ Final Bout from 158 MB bin file to a 70MB .gz file, and it actually loads faster! I think this is beacuse the i/o is so slow on the PSP mem stick.

If you want to know more about GZip , Google for it and find youself a nice windows frontend for it. GZip is basically a program like zip based on the ZLib source."
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